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Our Mission

AccuRental was created by landlords who understand that rental properties are an investment. We believe that investments must be protected, and we have dedicated ourselves to building a product that does just that.

Our Difference

AccuRental is simply the most innovative and straightforward method of locating the perfect tenants for your investment rental property. The brainchild of The Public Record Source, LLC – a pioneer of the employment screening industry with over 20 years of experience providing premier public record research services nationwide – AccuRental was developed with the single purpose of putting the private landlord and smaller property manager on the same level as national property management conglomerates.

Finding qualified, trustworthy tenants should not be difficult or expensive, but for the private landlord it has been. Unless you’re a large, established real estate firm, you previously could only perform credit checks by submitting to long and expensive site inspections by the credit union. AccuRental’s innovative tenant-consent platform removes this obstacle. Never worry about site inspections, monthly fees, or costly property management fees ever again. Once your applicant consents to the AccuRental background check, your tenant screening report will become available in minutes.

With both licensed attorneys and private investigators on staff, we ensure that you receive only the most accurate information available. From listing your property, to screening applicants, to finally signing the lease, AccuRental is ready to guide you through the process of finding the perfect tenant.

And as always, simplicity is the name of the game.