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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I need to create a property listing if I just want to order a tenant screening report?
No, all you need to do is set up a profile for that property. The property profile is used to organize your tenant screening reports so that you can easily review reports for specific properties. You do not, however, need to create a property listing in order to use AccuRental’s tenant screening services.
How do I get my property listing syndicated to the major rental websites?
We’ll take care of that for you. Once you’ve created your rental listing on AccuRental, your rental property information is automatically sent to Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and many other real estate websites. Although AccuRental sends this listing information around the internet every night, it may take a couple days before your listing shows up on the third party websites.
Are electronic signatures enforceable in court?
Yes. Courts have become increasingly adaptive to changing technology, and virtually all jurisdictions recognize the enforceability of electronic signatures.
Is the information entered on and received by AccuRental secure?
Completely. Security is our number 1 concern. Information on AccuRental is secured behind a 256 bit SSL encryption provided by Comodo SSL. In addition to this encryption, AccuRental is audited daily by Norton Safe Site to scan for malware and other security concerns.

Tenant Screening Questions

How long does it take for a tenant screening report to be processed?
That’s entirely dependent on how long it takes your applicant to complete the screening authorization form. Immediately after you order a tenant screening report, an email is dispatched to your applicant. The applicant must then click on the link contained in that email and consent to the background check. Once the tenant consents to the search and provides his/her personal identification information, your tenant screening report will be processed in just a matter of minutes.
Does the tenant screening report include the applicant’s full credit report?
No. Due to restrictions imposed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a private landlord cannot view a rental applicant’s full credit report without first undergoing a thorough site inspection. AccuRental avoids the site inspection requirement by instead parsing information out of the applicant’s credit report and providing you will only the most important information. AccuRental’s tenant screening reports include the applicant’s credit rating (excellent, good, fair, poor, very poor), income-to-debt ratio, number of bankruptcies filed, and number of delinquent and charged-off accounts.

Billing Questions

Who pays for the tenant screening report – the landlord or the applicant?
That’s entirely up to you. When you order a tenant screening report, you will be asked whether the landlord or the tenant will be responsible for paying the screening fee. If you opt to have the tenant pay, the tenant will be prompted for his/her credit card information after completing the screening authorization form. If the landlord chooses to pay, he/she will be prompted for payment upon ordering the tenant screening report. The landlord’s credit card will not be charged, however, until the applicant completes the authorization form. This ensures that you never have to pay for a report if the applicant declines the screening authorization or otherwise loses interest in renting your property.
What methods of payment does AccuRental accept?
AccuRental accepts payment via all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.