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Credit Screening powered by AccuRental

Credit screening made simple.

Determine the credit worthiness of each of your prospective tenants.

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All of our credit checks are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Your prospective tenants information is always transmitted & stored securely with bank-level encryption.


Determine whether you or your prospective tenant pays for the low cost credit screening.


Specify a required credit-score range to ensure credit worthiness of prospective tenants.

AccuRental Tenant Credit Reports

Easy. Quick. Complete.

AccuRental's tenant screening system is the easiest and quickest way to conduct comprehensive background checks on your prospective tenants. Every tenant screening report includes a thorough credit profile and national criminal record check. For an additional $5, you can include a national eviction records search. Best of all, you choose whether you or the applicant pays for the tenant screening report!

All AccuRental tenant screening reports are FCRA-compliant and we take every measure to ensure that our reports are accurate, complete, and easily understandable.

No Site Inspections. No Monthly Minimums.

Included in AccuRental Credit Reports

Feature Measure Decision Type
FICO Credit Score Applicant's Range & Description Pass / Fail
Delinquent Accounts Number of Accounts & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Bankruptcies Filed Number of Bankruptcies Pass / Fail
Accounts Charged-Off Number of Accounts & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Accounts in Collections Number of Accounts & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Income-to-Debt Ratio Monthly Income : Monthly Debt Pass / Fail
Revolving Loans Number of Loans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Installment Loans Number of Loans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Education Loans Number of Loans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Auto Loans Number of Lans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Mortgages Number of Mortgages & Total Amount Pass / Fail