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Eviction History powered by AccuRental

Minimize risk. Know your applicant's history.

Does your prospective tenant have a past history of evictions? Learn more with AccuRental's Tenant ScoreCard.

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Receive detailed information about previous evictions from prospective tenants.


Reports include case numbers, case dates, defendants name, and amounts owed.


Get the entire picture of a prospective tenant's eviction history.


Courts from all 50 states are scanned and analyzed by our eviction history report.

What do you get?

Full National Tenant Screening Search

AccuRental's national eviction record search pulls records from all 50 states in the United States. We are constantly updating our database and adding thousands of new records. After all, what's better than knowing whether your current applicant has been evicted in the past or is facing a civil action relating to a past rental unit?

Eviction data is not normally included in a credit report. By using a service such as MySmartMove, you lose access to what could potentially be one of the most important questions you should be asking as a landlord or property manager - has this applicant been evicted in the past?

Although AccuRental's tenant eviction search includes databases from all 50 states, not every county in every state reports evictions. But can you really risk not knowing whether your tenant applicant was evicted in the past?

Current Status of the Eviction Case

Many tenant screening firms you will find on the internet will only tell you whether an eviction case exists (if they perform eviction searches at all). AccuRental does not abide by these limitations.

With AccuRental's eviction record search, we let you know exactly what status the case is currently in. Did the applicant win because the past landlord filed a frivolous suit? Is the case still active?

AccuRental's eviction records include the different stages of the eviction process so you will not only have access to the final eviction records.

Full Case Details

Many tenant screening companies will give you a case number and a filing date. What are you supposed to do with that? At AccuRental, we give you information that you can actually use!

With every eviction record report, you receive the the case number, what court/jurisdiction the case was filed in, the date the case was filed, the date the case was finalized or disposed, and fines or amounts that the defendant is required to pay, the defendant's name, and the defendant's address on record.

Since eviction records do not have sufficient information to establish an exact identity, fruther verification steps will need before reaching a final conclusion.

Eviction Reports Are Generated Instantly

You could hire a private investigator and wait weeks, if not months, for a result. Or you can use AccuRental's national eviction search for instant eviction records!