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The age of the paper application is over! With AccuRental's cloud-based application platform, a potential applicant is able to express his/her interest in the property, submit his/her financial qualifications, and arrange a time to view the property all through a simple, electronic process.

You could create a new listing for each and every rental listings website on the internet. All of these listings, however, take considerable time to prepare and duplicate. But with cloud-based technologies, the difficulty of getting the word our on your rental listing has been greatly reduced. AccuRental utilizes cutting-edge syndication technologies to ensure that your rental listings are syndicated every 24-48 hours to several of the most popular real estate websites on the internet. Interested applicants can submit an application and submit a tenant screening report!

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Your best chance of finding the perfect tenant is getting your rental listing in front of as many eyes as possible. The more interested applicants you have, the more selective you get to be in selecting a tenant. Tenant background reports carry much more weight when you can compare them against several other interested applicants.

AccuRental helps you develop this applciant pool by syndicating your rental listing to Zillow, Trulia, Vast, Yahoo, and several of the other large real estate websites. The more websites your properties on are, the best chance they have to be seen. All you have to do is create one single listing on AccuRental. We take care of the rest! Within just 24-48 hours of creating your rental listing on AccuRental, the listing will be syndicated around the internet!

Listing Specifications

Listing Item Specifications
Property Address Linked to Google Maps to provide an accurate map.
Property Description Describe the property you are renting in your own language.
Property Applicances What comes with the rental? Refrigerator, microwave, etc?
Property Photos A property listing is never complete withour several photos.
Monthy Rent Let any and all potential applicant's know what you are asking for rent.
Utilities Are there certain utitlies that are included in the rent?
Pet Policy Are dogs allowed? How about cats?
Apply Now Button Every AccuRental cloud-based application includes an "Apply Now" button for interested applicants.