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Full Credit Reports For Property Managers.

Access full credit reports after a one-time site inspection.

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Full Credit Reports - Including FICO Score

Verified Accounts For Property Managers

While anyone can sign up for a regular AccuRental account and immediately begin ordering tenant screening reports, the reports generated under a regular account do not include the applicant's FICO credit score. In order to access this credit score, the user must sign up for a verified account and complete a one-time site inspection.

Once you sign up for a verified account, you only need to pay the $55 site inspection fee and an AccuRental representative will be in contact to arrange for a convenient time for the inspection to occur. This site inspection is required under the Fair Credit Reporting Act in order for an end-user to have access to an applicant's FICO credit Score and full credit report. The inspection will focus on ensuring that the end-user has a bona-fide office with a records management system.

Full Credit Reports. One-Time Site Inspection Required.

Included in AccuRental Credit Reports

Feature Measure Decision Type
FICO Credit Score Full FICO Credit Score Pass / Fail
Delinquent Accounts Number of Accounts & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Bankruptcies Filed Number of Bankruptcies Pass / Fail
Accounts Charged-Off Number of Accounts & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Accounts in Collections Number of Accounts & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Income-to-Debt Ratio Monthly Income : Monthly Debt Pass / Fail
Revolving Loans Number of Loans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Installment Loans Number of Loans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Education Loans Number of Loans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Auto Loans Number of Lans & Total Amount Pass / Fail
Mortgages Number of Mortgages & Total Amount Pass / Fail