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The Power of Photography

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but no one can deny that great photos help sell properties. Beautiful listing photos can help potential renters (or buyers!) visualize living in a new house or apartment. Effective staging can help people enjoy a new space before they have even moved in.

Whether you are setting up a model unit in a multi-unit property, or showcasing a single unit for rent, investing time into quality staging and photographs can result in a fast turnaround for vacant units. Consider the following tips to capture compelling interior and exterior photos.

Staging and Clutter

First – clean up the mess! Be mindful of landscaping for outdoor photos. For interiors, consider furniture staging. Avoid the urge to over-fill the space with large furniture and personal items. Clutter will make the space feel smaller and personal items may prevent renters from visualizing their own belongings. Be aware that bold color choices or quirky accessories may have a negative impact on some visitors. Neutral colors and unobtrusive accessories will appeal to a larger group of people.

Would you rent a home with an interior like this one?


But how do you make an interior full of neutral colors and unobtrusive accessories pop? One suggestion is try HDR tone mapping. HDR is a photography technique that stands for “High-dynamic-range imaging.” Tone mapping is a technique that aims to simulate the luminosity and visual experience of a human seeing the image for himself or herself in person. This is achieved by carefully manipulating contrast. To get an idea of the effect, you can test out the HDR mode of the camera on your smartphone. However, for the best photos, a tripod and wide lens camera will outperform a smartphone.

Mind Your Lighting

The quality of your photos will depend upon the time of day, the weather, and the unique features of your property. For example, whether the windows in the kitchen face East or West, and how big they are. Be mindful of the weather when you are taking exterior photographs — a gray or dreary sky may affect the perception of your property!

Don’t Forget Your Highlights

If you have amenities – show them off! A prospective tenant may not notice your full list of amenities in writing, but he or she is unlikely to miss the visual impact of a bright photo of a sparkling pool or modern fitness center. Even if your rental property does not boast many outdoor amenities, it is wise to include both interior and exterior photos. The absence of the exterior photos may discourage tenants from coming to visit the property.

Let your amenities make a striking visual impact!

Invest In A Professional

You don’t have to be a pro — you can always hire one! Not everyone is interested in purchasing photography equipment. Other landlords may be  pressed for time or located remotely. Fortunately, there are lots of local photographers available. Similarly, if you do not enjoy interior decorating or the hassle of furniture arranging, you can hire a professional staging company.

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