Two Mistakes that You Must Avoid While Submitting a Rental Application

At Accurental, we enjoy the opportunity to interact with landlords and renters on a regular basis while offering them our services. In the process, we get to know their common problems. Needless to say, there are hundreds of issues which renters and landlords have to handle in order to do their due diligence, but one of the biggest problems that many prospective renters face is rejection of their rental application.

If you are a prospective renter and planning to submit a rental application for landlords or their managers to review, we believe that understanding some general reasons behind rejection will help you in a big way. Here are two mistakes that you should definitely avoid when submitting a rental application.

Mistake#1: Sending rental application without checking your credit score

Keeping a hawk eye on your credit score must be your top priority if you are planning to rent a place. We have seen that many prospective renters don’t have any idea about their credit rating. They can’t differentiate a bad score from a good one. Not surprisingly, they are shocked to find that their rental application was rejected due to their credit score.

It’s always a good practice to know how good your credit score is. If your rental application is rejected due to credit score, you must get a copy of your credit report and check out the problem areas and take steps to resolve them. If you are aware of these negatives on your report in advance, you will be at least prepared to explain to the landlords the particular circumstances which caused them.

It’s not very uncommon for the credit bureau to leave negative remarks on a credit report by mistake. It also happens that the negatives are not removed even when you had resolved the concerned issue in the past. So you need to make sure that the there are no errors in the report. If you find any, you need to fill out the “dispute form” included with the report or write a letter to the bureau about the problem.

Mistake#2: Not being able to demonstrate that you’ll be a responsible tenant

For your application to be accepted, you need to demonstrate that you’ll be a good tenant. Having a credible rental history can help you with this. It should come as no surprise that a major thrust is given on verification of a renter’s rental history in the application. You should also be able to provide contract information for each of the previous landlords.

Providing good personal references is another important thing. You should carefully pick the references who can vouch for your employment history, fiscal responsibility and overall character.

You should also be able to demonstrate your ability to pay the rents. You will be asked to provide bank statements and income proofs. You should always have these records ready while submitting a rental application.

Always remember that many other applicants may be in queue to rent the same property. By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, you can increase the chances of your application being accepted over those of others.

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